Are your feet ready for the summer?

The UK weather is slowly improving and people are beginning to enjoy the outdoors again.

Are your feet ready to be exposed?

Why not give your feet and toes a little love this year and treat them to some foot health care?

I want you to feel good about your feet and be confident that they are in the best condition that they be.

I have a range of services I can offer that could really help improve your summer.

Nail Cutting

Cutting nails correctly is important in preventing future problems. It can also be troublesome to people with failing eyesight or poor mobility.

Callus & Corn Removal

Corns are specific areas of pain and are mostly found on the ball of the foot, tops and between toes.  Callus is a general layer of thick hard skin.  Both conditions can be treated and relief from discomfort is immediate

Fungal Treatment

Fungal problems can affect skin or nails and can be unsightly.  Skin can become itchy red and flaky, whilst nails can become brown and crumbling and thickened.  The nails may need to be reduced for treatment to work efficiently.

Cracked Heels & Fissures

Although this may be seen as a cosmetic problem, severe cracks in the skin can occur through several layers of the skin.  This can be very painful, and sometimes get infected.


These are caused by a virus. Sometimes appearing on high pressure areas of the foot these can be painful.  Verrucas can be managed until the body recognises the virus and they disappear.

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