Treatments and prices


Nail Cutting

Cutting nails correctly is important in preventing future problems. It can also be troublesome to people with failing eyesight or poor mobility.

Callus and Corn Removal

Corns are specific areas of pain and are mostly found on the ball of the foot, tops and between toes.  Callus is a general layer of thick hard skin.  Both conditions can be treated and relief from discomfort is immediate

Fungal Treatment

Fungal problems can affect skin or nails and can be unsightly.  Skin can become itchy red and flaky, whilst nails can become brown and crumbling and thickened.  The nails may need to be reduced for treatment to work efficiently.

Cracked Heels and Fissures

Although this may be seen as a cosmetic problem, severe cracks in the skin can occur through several layers of the skin.  This can be very painful, and sometimes get infected.


These are caused by a virus. Sometimes appearing on high pressure areas of the foot these can be painful.  Verrucas can be managed until the body recognises the virus and they disappear. 

Diabetic Foot Assessment

People with diabetes have more of a tendency for complications. I am fully trained to carry out a neurovascular assessment for a person suffering with diabetes.

Daiva Pearson foot health practitioner
Daiva Pearson foot health practitioner

What you can expect at a Foot Health Appointment

  • Questions about your medical history and any particular concerns about your feet that you may have
  • An examination of your feet with an explanation of my planned treatment
  • Neurovascular assessment for diabetic feet
  • Your treatment e.g. callus reduction, corn removal or nail trimming
  • A relaxing foot massage to finish
  • Advice and recommendations on foot care and footwear. 

 Consultation & Treatment

NB:  I may allow 45 minutes to an hour for your appointment
Price includes any dressings or paddings. 
Extra charges may apply if there is no free parking nearby. 
Initial assessment including Neurovascular assessment, consultation and treatment £32.  Routine appointments  £27.
Discounts are available for couples and groups. Please ask at time of booking.
Contact me to arrange a home visit/appointment 


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